If I Could Turn Back Time


If I could turn back time…

… well, to be frank, I could have done without the clinical depression. That’s a bitch.

… the times my immaturity and clumsiness have hurt people.

… the times when people told me I had hurt them. But I hadn’t. They had hurt themselves. They just wanted me to feel guilty.

… my stupid adolescence.

… wasting whatever talents I have.

… imitating the goat and not the tiger.

… losing faith.

.. not being honest about being ill in my interview for Oxford University.

… not being in a certain place at a certain time to know a certain person before I knew I should turn back time and be there.

… being too proud to let Jesus in.

… not learning the saxophone.

… not coming across ‘Om Namaha Shiva‘ when I was 15.

… my father’s death with no time to say goodbye and thank you and I love you.

But, in the absence of a Tardis, you learn, you ‘get by’ and try to redeem yourself and forgive yourself and trust in your deepest depths that God is a God of Love and, as Dame Julian of Norwich said, ” All will be well and all will be well and all manner of things will be well in the end.”


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