Actually, I do have a superpower but nobody believes me. I can see string. I see invisible strings attached to people and attached to emotions and wrapped around circumstances. Ever wondered how magicians make passes with their hands and objects on the other side of the darkened stage float and move? Invisible string. Well, that what’s I see. But not the stage magic kind.

In social situations I can see how body language, mood, tone of voice are intertwined with content and I know what will happen before it does. And if I think what will happen will be bad, I get busy with the strings. A tug here, a loosening of tension there, an orchestration of invisible strings to guide a visible social melody to a happy finale.

It is hard to explain.

Another superpower? Well, I love what Carrie Fisher said.

“Take your broken heart and turn it into art.”

I wish I could do that. For anyone who needed it.