It’s a Love Thing

We walk along the road and so many things grab at our arms demanding our attention. Or we zombie the ambience with earphones.  Art galleries, sightseeing sites, concerts, restaurants, must-sees, must-dos, don’t-stop-me-nows. And so our lives becomes the curation of selfies and dull-as-dishwater dinner conversations about where we went, what we saw and what we did.

But underneath the surface of a city, and indeed underneath the surface of a person, there is a different rhythm, a deep sound, a base of Being- what Richard Bach might have called an ‘Is-ness’. You don’t have to rush around Venice gawping at galleries. You can sit in St.Mark’s Square and be still with a coffee and feel the true vibration of the place. The Deep Sound. It is a pulse of tranquility. Those are the moments when  you can feel the world turning. And it is good. It works in Madrid, London, Edinburgh…anywhere.

That is when I am happiest – when I am resonating with God’s deep sound and I know that all will be well and all will be well and all will be well in the end. It’s a love thing.


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